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The Brick Ballroom - A Small Town Destination Venue in NW Arkansas

I ran across this article giving 5 reasons why to visit small towns & I have noticed a trend with our couples booking the Brick Ballroom. Many have come from large cities, like New York, Tulsa, Branson, Oklahoma City, Kansas City, etc. and I believe Julie Gordan touches some excellent points on why people seek out small towns to have their weddings. In Siloam Springs we have an award winning downtown, the oldest barber shop in Arkansas is still open, charming air bnb's are walking distance, quality restaurants serve homemade food & things tend to be cheaper here.

Here is an excerpt from her article about Siloam Springs -

"Located just over the Oklahoma border in northwestern Arkansas, Siloam Springs enchants first-time visitors with its scenic and friendly vibe. A recent surge of millennial entrepreneurs is responsible for changing the face of downtown, breathing new life into a district rife with vacancies just a few years ago.

Megan and Matt Feyerabend are winning locals’ hearts not only with their Pure Joy Ice Cream shop, but with their non-profit focus. Heather Lanker's monumental renovation of the Brick Ballroom, a former 1920’s Chevy dealership, has produced one of the most anticipated (and needed) downtown event spaces. And Mary Kim and Will Nitz are bringing new meaning to farm to table, with their version of locally hand-crafted and hand-milled local wood products at C by M.

The springs aren’t the only thing flowing in Siloam as Creekside Taproom, owned and operated by two local retired teachers, is the latest gathering spot offering an array of local craft beers thanks in part to recent changes in liquor ordinances and a partnership with nearby Fratelli’s Pizza. Rounding out the culinary scene is European inspired ziggywurst, specializing in locally sourced sausages and beer-brined eggs, Café on Broadway, a local favorite and under new ownership and Taqueria El Compa, home to one of the best bowls of Pozole you will ever want.

Plan your trip to Siloam Springs." - Julie Gordan

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