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Tiles In the Restrooms

I had picked out a bright sparkling white/greyish tile for the bathrooms but when my tile installer came he said there wasn't enough to do all the bathrooms. Unfortunately I could not get anymore that day so I had to scramble to find another pattern for the men's room. Thankfully I ended up finding another great tile that looks even better on the men's side, win win. Men's Room Ladies Room

Dance Off! Flooring Being Laid

Over 2000 sq. feet of springy dance floor is being installed on the entire bottom level of the Ballroom! Cleaning and shop vac-ing the floor was a challenge, the sprung flooring level was extremely easy with its click in snaps and the vinyl finish has been very time consuming. I am extremely pleased with the vinyl finish, it looks like real wood and is completely water proof so you can spill your drink!

We're Moving Quickly!

This is the cleanest this room has been. The railings were put up on the mezzanine and all the dry wall complete for me to prime and paint. The massive fire wall was quite the chore, the paint sprayer was not working correctly so we ended up having to roll the whole thing. My dad and kids have spent some time putting together 3 massive glass chandeliers. It shipped completely apart with each piece wrapped. Doing the electrical on them and finding led lights were challenging. Maples Electric used their muscles to keep lifting it up to get my desired height. Now we only have 2 more to hang! Dad testing the bulbs in the garage. I rolled the bottom half and my daughter rolled the top (I'm totall

Kitchenette, DJ booth, Windows & Concrete.

Here we have the kitchenette being built and the second floor being framed for the DJ to run sound from the top. Starting to install the railing for stairs and handicap ramp. Sprayed the windows with a milk glass blue and cream to lighten the background. There is a fire wall with brown insulation all along the back of this wall to help keep out sound from the two apartments on the other side. Last section of the concrete was poured.


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