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Alley Way & Stairs

We got the stairs installed today. Aircraft cables will run through the sides and railing all along the mezzanine. Alley has been striped of old asphalt and new concrete poured up to the new sidewalks. The sidewalks will extend all the way to the corner of the Cafe on Broadway.

Interior Painting

I thought this weekend would be the perfect time to paint the interior of the building. The layer of dust from grind down concrete made a spill proof barrier, there was a scissor lift just parked in the middle of the room & I had a fresh 5 gallon bucket of paint. I wasn't wanting a perfect finish because I love the cracking paint and the hues of red brick poking through. Dressed in my painting costume (most of Siloam Springs knows what that looks like) I attempted to use the lift but quickly realized I needed a key to move it around. So up went the ladder and out the spray flew till the bucket was empty. Must say it looks much cleaner now. #venue #renovation #siloamspings #arkansaswedding #w


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