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Best NWA Wedding Venue - The Brick Ballroom

The Brick Ballroom was voted by Southern Living Magazine as the best wedding venue in all of Arkansas. We were so honored to be published and recognised but what's really important to us is our couples and what they think! Here we have asked our past brides what made their big day so noteworthy and here are their reactions:

#1 - Location

The Brick Ballroom is a North West Arkansas industrial wedding venue located in the center of Downtown Siloam Springs, which has been ranked as the 14th best small town in America by Smithsonian magazine. The recognition came about in May 2019 with them noting, "its sturdy, copasetic downtown is a state-recognized historic Main Street community with a park built around several still-flowing springs and plenty of Ozark Mountain dogwoods." In every season Downtown Siloam shines, aways giving our brides picturesque backdrops. In Spring & Summer, the florals have bloomed and the ivy has crept up the old brick buildings adding old world charm to photographs. Sager creek is one block away and has many fountains showering up out of the creek. The waterfall also has a walkway so that you can actually put yourself right in the middle of the creek. In Fall & Winter, the leaves are at their finest colors and the century-old springs are mossy and natural. At Christmas, the entire downtown is lit up with hanging stars and lights strung from building to building making it a 4 block- long tunnel of lights.

When you walk into the Ballroom you can't not notice our massive crystal chandeliers! We have hung three to add light and a touch of elegance to the white brick and 100 year old wood trusses. All are on dimmers to create the right mood for the right time during your wedding day.

Also on one side of the room we have strung fairy lights from the rafters which gives the feeling of two seperate areas for a ceremony and reception. It's just a small magical touch that sends a big message.

#2 - Our Size

Our size is perfect for large weddings and smaller intimate weddings in the NW Arkansas area. The ceremony can be set up on one side of the room and the reception tables and decor already set up on the other. Many brides have booked with us because they really do not have to flip the room. The guests simply walk over to the reception and take a seat. So many times guests have been at a wedding and once the ceremony is over the guests are herded outside while the room is being flipped to have a reception. This usually lasts 45 minutes and guests get annoyed because not only could there be bad weather but it's almost making them an afterthought.

At the Brick Ballroom we just opened up an outdoor wedding venue option by adding a 2000 sq foot covered patio (with our exposed trusses) and 2000 sq ft garden. Couples have utilized this space for outdoor ceremonies or open it up for "cocktail hour". Some have used it for games and extra seating. In the winter our brides have rented propane heaters so that the outdoors can be used and droves of people hang out there. In the warmer months the ceiling fans really cool the covered space down making it very pleasant for guests.

Set for a wedding & reception - Guests 200.

Set for a wedding & reception -size of 125.

ceremony at the Brick Ballroom

A quick video showing the ceremony and reception set up - size 175

#3 - Amenities Included

A few things that make the Brick Ballroom stand out are our 300 gold-washed wood Napolean chairs. Their shape, sturdiness and color instantly transform the Brick Ballroom into a classy space. We also include 15 wood round 72" large tables, which seat up to 10 guests each, so 150 total. This size is great if you are renting linens because you only have to get 15 instead of 20 of the smaller 60"tablecloths. We also include rectangle tables. We have 12 six foot, 2 eight foot, and 1 four foot tables. These can be used to mix up the layouts, adding many different seating arrangements. Finally, all the usual layouts are provided in our password protected Client Portal, so there is little work for our couples to find their perfect design!

In addition, our sound system is also included. It is extremely easy to use and with blu-tooth connection via a phone or computer. Many of our couples have used this outside, if their DJ sets up inside. Or they use the mic to amplify the ceremony so the DJ just has to set up for the reception.

The bridal suite is included in all packages and is very large, has it's own private bathroom, mini fridge and enough space for 14 people to get ready. We have five large rolling mirrors for a 360 view of yourself and your dress, which is important on your wedding day. There are two fixed tables and mirrors for seating and one movable table as well. Many of our couples have brought in brunch and had plenty of room to eat in there as well.

You can also use our spacious built-in bar for any of your drink needs. We've had up to 4 bartenders working the area with plenty of counter space for all. There are 20 electric outlets in there as well for mixing drinks or plugging in coffee pots. A huge vintage steel sink, that was repurposed from the building can hold any amount of glasses you may need to wash. There is also a full refrigerator/ freezer and microwave.

One aspect of the Ballroom that most couples appreciate is the separate vendor entrance. It is located on the south side of the building and has two double doors. The middle supporting bar can be removed to bring in anything up to 6 feet wide or tall. These doors lead right into the catering space so caterers can just unload their cars quickly and easily without anyone ever knowing that they are there. The catering space itself is about 1200 sq. ft. It includes stainless steel tables, regular tables and fridge with freezer.

Attached to the rafters are two projectors which make one seamless projection against the large white wall. Our couples and corporate events have used it to stream movies,(Netflix ;)), slideshows, monograms or subtle video's on a loop of stars twinkling. I love how creative our clients have been when utilizing them.

Did I mention our 2000 sq foot sprung dance floor! That's right it's huge, excellent for larger wedding parties or great to put tables around the edges and use the middle for dancing in more intimate events. Either way, your guests can dance all night long!

Also, we never schedule more than one event per day. So you get your wedding day rental from 9am-11pm. This provides you with ample time to decorate if needed, get ready, do photoshoots, have your wedding and reception. We also include a free 1 hour rehearsal the day before if it's not booked. If it is booked then we let you in an hour early the day of. So go ahead and have your rehearsal dinner and then in the morning put on a donuts and coffee quick run through. Most people just need to know where they need to stand.

Over the last two years we have created three different arbors. You're welcome to use any of them as a backdrop in your ceremony or behind the cake or photo booth. They're all wood and come in a triangle, pergola or rectangular.

brick ballroom

#4 - Our Alley Entrance

Another unique aspect of the entrance to the Ballroom is the entrance. It is down an alley that has been recently paved with concrete. The original doors were two massive garage doors which have been restored to look like the original. The city allows you to close the ally during the ceremony so no cars drive by but they also allow you to close the ally for the day with a permit (cost $100). Many of our couples do this so they can park food truck right at the entrance making it a cool experience for guests. We have had wood fire pizza, ice cream, hard cider and mexican food. Also with our newly renovated outdoor ceremony space you can open the garage doors and drive a food truck under our covered patio! The outdoor space has so many options for our couples.

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