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Hi I'm Heather, owner, clothing designer, construction worker, mom, wife and lover of chocolate.

Wedding Picture Ideas "Around" the Brick Ballroom in Siloam Springs, Arkansas?

Many couples ask us "So what is around the Brick Ballroom?", "Is there anywhere outside to take pictures?" and I always enthusiastically answer YES!!!

The Brick Ballroom is located in the heart of Downtown Siloam Springs which means there are so many places to take unique backdrop photographs. Just 200 ft. south is a park with a historic gazebo, Sager Creek, fountain, bridge & otters! Peruse the side streets to find ghost signs on brick from decades before. Recently a couple taking a tour wandered the streets and ended up finding a cute restaurant to cater their wedding. And another found Pure Joy ice cream across the street and had cake & ice cream at their reception. I highly encourage you when you come visit to stay just a little longer and take in our beautiful downtown.

Downtown Siloam Springs wedding venue brick ballroom
Downtown Siloam Springs

Downtown Siloam Springs

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