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Hi I'm Heather, owner, clothing designer, construction worker, mom, wife and lover of chocolate.

Small Business Revolution TV show visits The Brick Ballroom.

I am over the moon proud of my downtown Siloam! Our community made it as one of the top 10 finalists for the tv show Small Business Revolution! The host (Amanda Brinkman) and crew came out for a few days to visit the shoppes and meet the people.

The Brick Ballroom was used for the opening reception & I was beyond exuberant. This was the first real event for us, however I injured my back (laying the floor in the Ballroom) which led to an emergency spine surgery, of course the days everyone came.

I woke up in such a funk emotionally & physically. But when I opened my phone there were 100’s of messages from, during & after the party. I felt so loved that my community took the time to stop in the excitement and think of me. Siloam is more than just business that’s what makes us truly unique.

Anyway here are some pictures of the Brick Ballroom and the reception. Good times!

Pure Joy ice cream scooping up (of course that's where my daughter was found).

Bad Dog Beanery coffee!

Sons of Otis Malone playing on the mezzanine, just what I had envisioned for that space.

Amanda Brinkman and Abby

I was supposed to put together a slideshow of the downtown with our projectors. My eldest daughter came through with her AV tech skills and made it happen!

Just out of surgery! I'll be back...

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