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Hi I'm Heather, owner, clothing designer, construction worker, mom, wife and lover of chocolate.

We're Moving Quickly!

This is the cleanest this room has been. The railings were put up on the mezzanine and all the dry wall complete for me to prime and paint. The massive fire wall was quite the chore, the paint sprayer was not working correctly so we ended up having to roll the whole thing.

My dad and kids have spent some time putting together 3 massive glass chandeliers. It shipped completely apart with each piece wrapped. Doing the electrical on them and finding led lights were challenging. Maples Electric used their muscles to keep lifting it up to get my desired height. Now we only have 2 more to hang!

Shop vac-ed the concrete to get the dance floor laid tomorrow.

Dad testing the bulbs in the garage.

I rolled the bottom half and my daughter rolled the top (I'm totally freaked out of heights).

Fire wall done, we painted it white in hopes to project images.

DJ booth and kitchenette being framed.

Sheet rocked and mudded - will paint on Tuesday and have counter tops installed Wed.

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