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Hi I'm Heather, owner, clothing designer, construction worker, mom, wife and lover of chocolate.

Air Conditioning and Chairs

When it finally cools off in Arkansas I get air conditioning! Everything has an order, lift trusses, new roof, then install new HVAC system. This system covers 3 retail spaces, an office & 5000 sq ft event center. Because of the enormous size of the event center we are installing four 10' ceiling fans to circulate the air as well.

Also this week I decided on some major decorative finishes, one being the chairs. Since the trusses were dark brown and half the floor will be brown (dance floor) I wanted something lighter and elegant with quality craftsmanship. So I bought 300 wood Napoleon lime wash gold chairs along with 38 round 72" folding tables.

Another element we wanted to include in the venue was tiny lights wrapped around the trusses. I didn't want to put my clients in harms way by having them try to hang things up high so I ordered 16,400 feet of copper LED lights. The copper will blend into the trusses if someone wishes not to use them but when on the trusses will glow like millions of gorgeous stars.

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